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As of the close of the third quarter 2012 there is a total of over 51,000 MW of wind capacity installed in the U.S. The number represents over 40,000 wind turbines.  In the third quarter of 2012 alone, 1,833 MW of wind capacity was installed.  That leaves the total wind capacity through the first three quarters of 2012 at 4,728 MW.

In the U.S., 29 states have over 8,400 MW of wind projects under construction.  The U.S. wind industry has added over 35% of all new generation capacity over the past 5 years.  This represents a number second only to natural gas.  Over the same period, wind generation is greater than nuclear and coal combined.

The U.S, installed wind power is now more than 20% of worldwide capacity.

Over 470 manufacturing facilities in the U.S. produce parts for wind turbines.  This makes wind a growing market for manufacturing in the U.S.  Some of these manufacturing facilities are dedicated to wind components such as blades, towers and assembled nacelles.

Through our Wind Industry partners, Renewable Edge can assist integrators, installers and project developers in all aspects of  wind project development.

  Large & Small Wind Feasibility Studies, Design & Installation

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