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Solar Industry

The US Energy Information Administration forecasts the global energy consumption will rise by 57% between 2000 and 2025. Regardless of the estimate of current and future energy supplies and resources, economical, political and environmental factors will continue to push the costs of fossil fuels higher. 

With current installed solar capacity under 5% of the total energy supply source, the growth potential of solar is enormous.  Based on the 2012 estimated $700 Billion value of the liquid fuel market in 2012 by the US  Energy Information Administration,  the total energy market value is estimated at $1.75 Trillion using 2007 percentage allocation. Even if 10% of the supply is for solar, its about $175 Billion of the total energy market. …making it a huge Industry.

Fuel Market

One of the previous barriers to solar integration was the relatively high cost compared to utility grid supplied power. 

With rapidly declining equipment prices, labor and installation innovation and the streamlining of installation logistics, the cost of photovoltaic solar is approaching grid parity.

Energy Market

By successfully taking a start-up solar power design and installation business from a concept to a multi-million dollar company in less than 4 years, Renewable Edge has locked in the formula for success in a growing Industry plagued by disorganization, inefficiency, inept sales and marketing plans and poor business strategies.

Renewable Edge helps existing and start-up photovoltaic solar power companies overcome today's Industry obstacles by analyzing current market conditions and adapting a partial or full business strategy using your firm's existing strengths and weaknesses.

We provide the following services.

  Photovoltaic Solar Equipment Sales

  Green & Renewable Energy Business Development

  Photovoltaic Solar Power System Design &   Installation

  Solar Thermal System Design & Installation

  Utility Interconnection & Integration

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