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Astral Solar ™ Mobile Solar LED Light Tower Systems

Battery Powered Event - Emergency - Specialty Lighting Systems - Made in USA

Common Design Applications

. Military Applications

. Entertainment & Political Events

. State & County Fairs

. Community & Sporting Events

. Road Repair Hazard Lighting

. Border Patrol & Other Site Security

. Utility Repairs

. Emergency Lighting

. Block Parties

Our Astral Solar "M" Series Mobile Solar LED Light Tower Systems combine renewable energy solutions with convenient mobility. It has many private, commercial and government uses where compact transportability is required. The system has a 20 foot (maximum height) aluminum extendable and retractable mast with either 2, 4 or 5 LED solar light fixtures mounted on top.

The standard pole has the ability to rotate 360 on its axis to provide light wherever you may need it. The mast is made out of structural aluminum to maintain mobility and strength. The LED solar light fixtures operate at 24 volts and emit over 7000 lumens of light per fixture.   These Mobile Solar LED Light Tower Systems are proudly made in America utilizing domestic metals and materials.


 o Three available lighting configurations using 2, 4 or 5 lamps

 o LED solar light fixtures emit 7760 lumens of light per fixture and are mounted on the top of a 4 stage extendable mast. Each light has a light spread of 150 degrees

 o Uses high efficiency 300 Watt (Model 7T2-300) mono-crystalline photovoltaic solar modules

o Deep cycle AGM batteries offer up to 2.5 days of autonomous use

o Lockable NEMA 3R rated enclosure includes louvers, rolled edges, neoprene seals and stainless steel hardware.

o Utilizes an MPPT charge controller with external display

o Rugged structural aluminum (6061) pole extends and retracts in 4 stages

o DOT Approved trailer lights with 4 pole connector

o 2 inch heavy duty ball hitch

o Plug-in battery charger available

o Standard color shown, custom colors available upon request for an additional charge

Battery Powered Mobile Solar LED Event Lighting System


 o Saves thousands in fuel costs.  Fuel based lighting systems have no Return On Investment.  The ROI on our mobile solar LED lighting is easily calculated based on the fuel cost savings.

 o Zero environmental hazards and expense due to spilled fuel and petroleum drippings from engine parts.

o Saves thousands in maintenance costs compared to fuel based systems that need refueling and have numerous mechanical parts that can fail and require constant maintenance.

o Zero Noise pollution compared to fuel based systems which are noisy and cannot be used in situations like entertainment and political events where attendes need to hear.

o Standalone system is also towable and folds for easy storage.

o Feel proud by investing in and supporting an American product and American jobs.


Astral Solar M2™   2  Light Systems

2 - 300 Watt Solar Panels

4 - 150 AH SLA Batteries

15,520 Total Lumen Output

2.5 Days of Autonomy

Astral Solar M4™   4  Light Systems

4 - 300 Watt Solar  Panels

8 - 250 AH SLA Batteries

31,040 Total Lumen Output

2 Days of Autonomy

Astral Solar M5™   5  Light Systems

4 - 300 Watt Panels

8 - 250 AH SLA Batteries

38,800 Total Lumen Output

2 Days of Autonomy

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