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Intellectual Property - Patent, Trademark & Copyright Development

If Intellectual Property including patents, trademarks and copyrights impact your business,  then you need to know how to protect and develop your Intellectual Property.

Renewable Edge consultation services include:

Protection of Intellectual Property associated with:

Products, Processes & Systems

Branding and Marketing Practices

Website & Print Media Copy and Images

Product Development associated with:

Market Research

Conceptual Design

Application Process

Prototype Development

Documentation Preparation

Patent, Trademark and Copyright Searches

Filing of Non-Provisional, Provisional Patents and Tradmarks

Product and Licensing Agreements

Distribution Agreements - exclusive and/or non-exclusive

End User software agreements

Trademark and brand licensing agreements

Manufacturing License agreements

Our partner New York and Washington D.C.  based law firms can assist you with all filings of Patent, Trademark and Copyright from application preparation to submission and review.

Renewable & Green Energy Legal & Finance Resources

Renewable Edge’s partners will cater to the unique legal needs of clients in the renewable energy industries, including developers, financiers, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs. Our partner attorneys have extensive knowledge of the clean technology industry and experience working with cleantech and renewable energy companies in the United States and around the world.

Consultation of clients includes a variety of legal matters involving cleantech technologies and projects, including: siting wind projects, permitting solar energy systems, project finance, drafting and negotiating power purchase agreements, federal and state regulatory matters, drafting leases and real estate agreements, reviewing and drafting construction plans and agreements, securing intellectual property rights, applying for renewable energy grant programs, developing alternative energy projects on tribal lands, drafting corporate sustainability policies, and advising on global climate change issues.





 Joint Ventures

 Letters of Intent

 Discovery Contracts

Customer Agreements

Partnership Agreements

Employment Agreements

 Shareholder Agreements

Non-Compete Agreements (NCA)

 Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)


A critical component to any successful project and business venture is the ability to access and utilize capital. Renewable Edge will assist in the understanding of resources and incentives that are available to you and your company in this process.

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